Mill work and Displays

As one of PN’s most challenging and most rewarding projects to date, the store fixture program for Juicy Couture began with serious considerations about manufacturing, craftsmanship, and logistics. In the end, PN met the challenges head-on with a determined attitude that resulted in a nomination for A.R.E’s Above & Beyond award.

Services & Skills Provided

The Challenge

Juicy Couture had developed an extensive and fully immersive visual merchandising program that required a very careful and highly detail-oriented approach to become a reality for their hundreds of stores worldwide. The designs Juicy had developed fully expressed their brand image, and no corners could be cut without sacrificing their presentation goals.



The fixtures had to be customizable to fit the needs of all of their stores, easy for store personnel to modify as products came in and out, and crafted from solid brass, a material that requires maximum craftsmanship. In short, none of the fixtures could be standardized or mass produced. In addition to manufacturing specifications, Juicy required a large volume of the fixtures that made international logistics a vital part of the puzzle.



“We were aggressively seeking a manufacturer that could achieve our goals for a commercially viable cost,” said the Juicy representative involved in the project. “Many firms passed on the program as being too difficult. Pacific Northern was the firm who helped us figure it out.”