Pacific Northern, Inc. provides comprehensive visual merchandising design and manufacturing services, operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia. We design and manufacture POP and fixture programs for retail as well as luxury products, with the end goal of fully implementing the brand identity. PN handles nearly every aspect of the design process, from conception to final delivery, in house, allowing us maximum efficiency and cost control. Our commitment to customer service, product quality, and client satisfaction has allowed us to develop strong relationships with the world’s leading brands.

Mike Wharton

 President of Pacific Northern

When asked about Pacific Northern’s success, my response has always been that our team members and competencies are unparalleled in the industry. Our Account Executives are experts in their fields and have long, successful histories working for prominent brands. They understand all phases of project management and are masters of anticipating client needs and overcoming challenges. Throughout our growth we have continuously built upon our core competencies. We control manufacturing processes in-house in order to maintain high quality standards and control costs. We have strong, long-term partnerships with our raw materials suppliers as well.

PN is driven by a passion to provide our clients outstanding products followed up with the type of service that keeps you coming back.

-Greg Brevik, Vice President of Sales


  • Total Employees: 108
  • Size: 60,000 sq ft
  • Warehouse locations: 2
  • Total Bilingual Employees: 56
  • Authentic Cowboys on staff: 2
  • Published Authors: 4


  • Total Employees: 1,400
  • Total Mfg Capacity: 430,556 sq ft
  • Privately Owned Factories: 1
  • Biking Team Members: 13
  • Basketball Team Members: 15
  • Fishing Group Members: 10

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