Our Process


Collaboration is critical to ensuring that your project is handled at the highest level of precision, both functionally and aesthetically. We take you through a product development journey that ultimately produces a solution that reflects your brand and communicates its message. Excitement abounds as the brainstorming, inspiration, and collaboration unite into one complete concept for your project. The ideas mature into a fully formed vision, ready to embark on the journey through prototyping, manufacturing, distribution, and implementation.



We believe that the greatest ideas come to life through collaboration. With you, our in-house design team develops concepts that combine visual appeal with functionality reflective of your brand. PN’s expert designers produce 2-3 full concepts inspired by the unique needs of your project and up to two rounds of design updates based on client feedback.



Upon the initial design stage—and always with the client’s buy-in—the approved concept moves into engineering. Each element of the concept is dissected into material parts, complete with finishes and internal components. Then, full sets of drawings are produced to allow for cost breakdown and prototyping.



This stage allows for the physical review of products; actual materials and finishes are applied to all prototypes. Prototypes are produced as close to the final product as possible so you can physically inspect the product and make any last-minute adjustments. Our prototypes are made to production quality, they could even be tested in location if needed.



Here all the ideas, reworking, and planning come to fruition as the evolution of your project – from concept to reality – finally begins. After various stages of the manufacturing process, multiple components are assembled into finished products and inspected by quality control. Finally, appropriate packaging is determined to ensure safety.



Your product can be shipped directly from the factory to your distribution centers or warehouses. If you prefer, your program can also be held at one of our PN-owned and -managed warehousing facilities. Inventory management and on-site consultations are available upon request.



A professional customer service team is specifically assigned to oversee all project stages—from concept development through final product delivery—to ensure continuous communication and customer satisfaction. Need to access your Pacific Northern contact? We are always only a phone call away.

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