Lia Sophia "Party In A Bag" Case Study

This project’s objective is to transport jewelry elements to use at home-hosted jewelry parties.

This set is to aid in direct selling- Lia Sophia representative to the end consumer at the home parties. The idea was to be whimsical, fun, colorful, and engaging while being easily transportable.

Services & Skills Provided

The Challenge

Lia Sophia presented PN with an interesting and unique challenge: take an in-case display concept and make it portable, space conscious, and designed to fit inside a Lia Sophia zippered bag or suitcase. The project’s special requirements were a great fit for PN’s creative innovation.

The biggest challenge during the project was ensuring that the display items and luggage were high-end in appearance but value-conscious in materials and manufacturing. PN’s extensive sourcing resources, experience with a variety of materials and manufacturing methods, and in-house management of the manufacturing process allowed the client to get exactly what they wanted: a cost-conscious, portable display system that evoked fun as well as fashion.


The overall feeling of the design was to be whimsical, fun, colorful, and engaging, and it was meant to evoke the idea of spending time with friends at home while having wine and trying on jewelry. In short, it was to be a “party in a bag.”


PN worked directly with Lia Sophia Corporate to develop two levels of starter kits for home-hosted jewelry parties. The first level was a small clutch for holding a few pieces of jewelry that a Lia Sophia rep could show a friend or customer over lunch or drinks.

The larger kit needed space to hold 20-40 pieces of jewelry, as well as various display elements: a tall neck form, a flap earring easel, a bracelet bar, an earring display, a ring display, stacking trays, a folding mirror, and a logo sign. Lia Sophia also needed a “Showcase to Go”, a vertical backdrop display to hold necklaces, earrings, and rings. A professional version included all starter kit elements in a high-end suitcase.


Lia Sophia