Pacific Northern redesigns display system for Macy’s – July 2004

Pacific Northern’s cooperation with Macy’s Department Stores came as a result of the acquisition of Fieldstone, Ltd. by Pacific Northern in the latter part of last year. In the course of the assessment of the current Macy’s jewelry display system, Pacific Northern design professionals recommended several avenues for improvement. The existing system of the well-known retailer evolved over time and incorporated elements from many generations, which were not cohesive aesthetically or functionally. Pacific Northern approached this system improvement initiative with the mindset of modification, as opposed to total redevelopment. Certain existing elements were chosen to remain, while other new elements were incorporated. As a result, the showcase presentation is now consistent in shape, form and proportions, producing the harmonic effect of height and symmetry.

The new Macy’s display system has more advantages than just high aesthetical value. Pacific Northern created predetermined case pack ordering for the retailer, replacing the time consuming process of ordering showcases by individual items. Ordering by case pack, rather than individual elements, allows Pacific Northern to pack each carton with the correct elements needed to set up each showcase, thereby, allowing an expeditious store installation. This convenient process provides time and cost savings, and eliminates installation mistakes.

The newly developed system is being introduced to all new and remodeled Macy’s locations. “We are pleased with the results of this modified system.” – said Mike Wharton, Vice President of Sales. “There was no reason for the customer to rebuild the entire existing display program. Modification was a very reasonable and cost effective approach.”