Pacific Northern, Inc. announces completion of display system redesign for Finlay Enterprises, Inc. – November 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. reports successful completion of display system redesign for Finlay Enterprises, Inc. Finlay is the largest leased jewelry retailer operating more than 900 locations under a number of different department store chains.

The opportunity for Pacific Northern, Inc. to redesign Finlay’s jewelry display system came about as a result of Pacific Northern’s acquisition of Fieldstone, Ltd. in the latter part of last year.

All three Finlay’s existing display systems (located at Bloomingdale’s, Marshall Field’s and other department stores) have been evaluated by Pacific Northern design professionals for their aesthetical cohesiveness and functionality. Finlay’s display programs evolved over time and consisted of a large assortment of elements from several generations. Many display items were duplicate in nature and function, and the system as a whole did not present itself consistently or uniformly.

Pacific Northern’s objective was to improve upon the existing display systems without incurring costly redevelopment. This objective was met by retaining some existing elements and introducing certain new elements into the current system. As a result, the total number of display elements was reduced. Furthermore, the newly introduced elements were able to tie into the current display system functionally and aesthetically.

The new Finlay display system isn’t just simply more pleasing to the eye, the procurement and installation processes have also been made easier. Pacific Northern configured predetermined display element kits for the ease of ordering and installation at the store level. These pre-packaged displays replaced the time consuming process of ordering item by item and made the installation much easier.

This newly developed system is being introduced to all new and remodeled Finlay locations and will continue on an ongoing basis.