Mike Wharton Promotion to President of Pacific Northern

Carrollton, TX, March 14, 2016, – PN (Pacific Northern, Inc.), international industry leader in visual merchandising production and design, announces the promotion of Mike Wharton to President of Pacific Northern, Inc.  Mike joined the company in 1999.  In the past 15 years, he has accumulated invaluable experiences and skill set that contributed materially to the success of the company. Mike has implemented many successful operational changes and improvements over the years and has worked to strengthen the company’s role in the global market.   For the past several years, Mr. Wharton has lead the day-to-day operations and, more recently, oversaw the consolidation of PN Chinese manufacturing facilities.  His in-depth expertise and his grasp of the business intricacies will continue to be invaluable assets to the management and leadership in all areas of the business. Mike will focus his energy on further growth of the company and global positioning of PN as the Display Company of Choice for the world’s leading brands.


Mike Wharton
Pacific Northern, Inc.