Bob Hays

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Hays has been a leader in the display and fixture industry since the early 2000s.  His strong background in operations, sales, procurement, and manufacturing brings to PN a comprehensive expertise in the field. With a passion for traveling, meeting new people from different cultures, and tackling challenges, he naturally gravitates towards a career in operations.

Bob enjoys developing teams and finding new ways to improve methods and operations to achieve success. He strives to meet the challenge of identifying and removing obstacles head on in order to attain a higher level of growth and success. Bob believes that people, in general, prefer challenging work and will excel at their job when given the right tools and a clear understanding of the goal.

When Bob isn’t overseeing operations or traveling the world, he spends much of his time with his family (and mini golden doodle Ellie). His first goal visiting a new city is to find the best hamburger in town.   Bob also likes to grill, explore new things and places, and stays active by working out. When he can, he enjoys participating in the annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!