Scott Kay unveils a new display created by Pacific Northern

Scott Kay, renown for his exquisite upscale designs in platinum jewelry, has chosen Pacific Northern, Inc. to design, develop, and manufacture a new display system for its nationwide brand presentation. They have addressed Pacific Northern with a challenge to create a high-impact visual effect combined with the utmost functionality.   The final product was to compliment and enhance the appeal of the Scott Kay brand.

The creative process for this project involved the combined efforts of the designers from both Pacific Northern and Scott Kay. Pacific Northern started the process by carefully matching the selected specialty fabric to the unique Scott Kay purple. The designers created a contemporary display integrating the brand’s signature color and neutral chalk white. The sleek lines and unique elements, incorporated into the design, added to its visual appeal. The eye-catching appearance of the system was further enhanced by the unusual removable ring-holders, each showcasing a single ring designed exclusively for Scott Kay. The unique display was complimented by matching accessories, such as counter pads and under-counter storage trays. The entire visual effect of the presentation was developed to evoke a memory of the highly recognizable images of the well-known Scott Kay print advertisements.

The initial roll-out of the new Scott Kay displays included participating Independent Jewelry retailers nationwide. After this successful launch, Pacific Northern proceeded to Phase 2 – the customization of the display system to respond to the demands of the Independent Jewelry retailers with unusual showcases. Another aspect of this project is also in progress – adaptation of the Scott Kay display system to the needs and requirements of National Brand Jewelers.

A custom designed signature display for Scott Kay was unveiled at the 2003 Las Vegas Jewelry show at the end of May. A one-of-a-kind, customized version of the Scott Kay display system was built specifically to fit a crescent-shaped showcase of the client’s exhibit. The Scott Kay showcase presentation attracted a great deal of attention. The quality and aesthetic value of the display created by Pacific Northern drew much interest from the attendees of the show and received positive response and praise from the jewelry retail circles.