PN cooperates with Sam’s Club on a jewelry display system redesign – April 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. announces successful completion of a large-scale project for Sam’s Club. The order for the well-known wholesaler, a new jewelry display system roll-out to every one of its 538 stores, was to be completed from start to finish in four months. In the given constraints of time the scope of the project seemed nearly impossible taking into account completion of all stages of the process: the system development, store layouts, glossaries and VM guides, as well as production and distribution.

On the initial stage of the project the design team of Pacific Northern, Inc., collaborating with the visual merchandising professionals of Sam’s Club, developed the concept of the Designer Collections incorporating fabric in warm colors of pearl and bronze, and elegant ebony wood accents. The display system was to provide an elegant and upscale background worthy of the high quality jewelry offered to Sam’s Club customers.

When it came to project management, the constrictions of time dictated fulfillment process with zero mistakes. It took tremendous efforts from all departments of Pacific Northern to guarantee a smooth progression from one stage of the project to another, coordinating schedules, anticipating problems, and verifying data every step of the way. The result was a successful distribution of product to all 583 stores, performed flawlessly and partially ahead of the schedule.

“The undertaking and the completion of this nationwide roll-out program were executed with a high degree of precision, and I’m extremely pleased with our teams both in U.S. and China.” said Mike Wharton, Vice President of Sales. “This exercise proved, once again, our ability to develop, manage, and execute large scale, nationwide programs for our clients with the utmost efficiency.”