Pacific Northern’s 2004 Display System Redesign Completions

Pacific Northern, Inc. announces completion of display system redesign for Finlay Enterprises, Inc.November 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. reports successful completion of display system redesign for Finlay Enterprises, Inc. Finlay is the largest leased jewelry retailer operating more than 900 locations under a number of different department store chains.

The opportunity for Pacific Northern, Inc. to redesign Finlay’s jewelry display system came about as a result of Pacific Northern’s acquisition of Fieldstone, Ltd. in the latter part of last year.

All three Finlay’s existing display systems (located at Bloomingdale’s, Marshall Field’s and other department stores) have been evaluated by Pacific Northern design professionals for their aesthetical cohesiveness and functionality. Finlay’s display programs evolved over time and consisted of a large assortment of elements from several generations. Many display items were duplicate in nature and function, and the system as a whole did not present itself consistently or uniformly.

Pacific Northern’s objective was to improve upon the existing display systems without incurring costly redevelopment. This objective was met by retaining some existing elements and introducing certain new elements into the current system. As a result, the total number of display elements was reduced. Furthermore, the newly introduced elements were able to tie into the current display system functionally and aesthetically.

The new Finlay display system isn’t just simply more pleasing to the eye; the procurement and installation processes have also been made easier. Pacific Northern configured predetermined display element kits for the ease of ordering and installation at the store level. These pre-packaged displays replaced the time consuming process of ordering item by item and made the installation much easier.

This newly developed system is being introduced to all new and remodeled Finlay locations and will continue on an ongoing basis.


Pacific Northern, Inc. develops a comprehensive visual presentation program for Oro DiamanteJune 2004

Oro Diamante engaged Pacific Northern, Inc. to create a comprehensive visual presentation program for its branded karat gold watches. This visual program includes both the displays and the packaging boxes.

“We focused on creating the displays and packaging boxes that complimented each other,” said John Meadows, Assistant Vice President of Design for Pacific Northern, Inc. “We selected colors, shapes, and materials, such as rich woods in high gloss finish and plex accents, to accentuate the high value of these gold watches. The Oro Diamante logo was silk-screened both on the displays and the individual boxes, carrying on the brand name.” added Meadows.

Through creative design and rich materials, Pacific Northern conveyed the image of quality and respectability, raising the brand image of the new product in the eyes of the consumer.

“We are pleased to have been chosen by Oro Diamante to create this visual program for their very important new product launch,” stated Mike Wharton, Vice President of Sales for Pacific Northern, Inc. “It further validates our client’s trust in our abilities to execute high profile initiatives on their behalf.”


Pacific Northern, Inc. reports successful cooperation with TJMaxx on new jewelry Display program initiativeMarch 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. announces a roll-out of a new jewelry display system to the 745 TJMaxx locations.

In the new initiative of aggressive expansion into the fine jewelry market, TJMaxx addressed Pacific Northern, Inc. with a task to produce a new jewelry display system that answered their marketing and visual merchandising needs.  After thorough evaluation of the company’s vision and marketing strategy the decision was made to change the look of the displays from the outdated green suede-like material to nickel-colored leatherette fabric.  The clean cool look of the new design in the modern shade of nickel greatly compliments the selection of fine sterling silver and colored gems fashion jewelry offered by TJMaxx.   The cohesive, unified arrangement of the system’s design raises not only the overall aesthetics, but it also increases efficiency of its in-store utilization.

Introduction of the new jewelry display system is a part of the overall store remodeling initiative undertaken by TJMaxx.  This initiative, as well as the aggressive expansion of the company into the fine jewelry market, guided the decision of the retailer to introduce the new jewelry displays not only in the new and remodeled locations, but also in a large number of stores that previously did not have fine jewelry departments.  The roll-out is scheduled to take place in two stages, with half of the stores completed in 2004 and the second half in 2005.


Barneys New York cooperates with PN on incase jewelry fixtures projectFebruary 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. announces its new partnership with Barneys New York.  The relationship started with production of incase jewelry fixtures consistent with the retailer’s existing display system design.  It features presentation of natural pastel silks original to the look of the famous fashion retailer.  Pacific Northern, Inc. equipped two New York stores and is looking forward to future collaboration with Barneys.


PN reports a successful launch of a JCPenney watch display program October 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. announces the launch of JCPenney’s new nation-wide watch display program in October 2004.  JCPenney chose to collaborate with Pacific Northern and a number of watch companies to develop a new display system to be rolled-out to 450 of their stores.  The criteria set forth by JCPenney were such that this display system needed to be cohesive in its presentation and, yet, distinctive among different watch brands.  Usability and functionality were high in the ranks of criteria as well.


A project of this magnitude requires support and dedication from all involved parties. Companies such as Seiko, Citizen, and Bulova, along with many other well known watch brands, played key roles in determining the look of the finished display system based on each brand’s individual merchandising needs, marketing direction, and color/material selections. Their individual requirements were incorporated into common parts and pieces of the display system that strongly identified each brand.  On the other hand, the look of the base platforms and/or foundations of the displays was dictated by the image of the JCPenney fine jewelry display system.  Expandable side pieces, continuous harmonica stripping for the watch collars, and highlight risers – all came together in a modular presentation for the watch showcases


Pacific Northern, Inc. not only manufactured this new system, but also took on the responsibility as the program manager.  As such, Pacific Northern, Inc. spearheaded the design and development initiative and coordinated the logistics to ensure a successful roll out to 450 stores nationwide.  Projects of this magnitude are not uncommon for Pacific Northern.  Major retailers like JCPenney regularly update their visual presentations to reflect their new merchandising and marketing strategies.  However, the uniqueness of this particular program lies in participation of multiple companies in the design process, thus complicating and multiplying each step of the project development.


Linda Douglas, Executive Vice President of the Retail Display and Visual Merchandising Division, remarked:  “We are extremely glad that this cooperation, although highly complicated in the various phases of development, came to fruition.  I want to thank all members of Pacific Northern team for their efforts in bringing this challenging task to a successful completion.  We are all highly confident that this new display system will provide JCPenney customers an easy and pleasant shopping experience.”


PN cooperates with Sam’s Club on a jewelry display system redesign April 2004

Pacific Northern, Inc. announces successful completion of a large-scale project for Sam’s Club.  The order for the well-known wholesaler, a new jewelry display system roll-out to every one of its 538 stores, was to be completed from start to finish in four months.  In the given constraints of time the scope of the project seemed nearly impossible taking into account completion of all stages of the process: the system development, store layouts, glossaries and VM guides, as well as production and distribution.

On the initial stage of the project the design team of Pacific Northern, Inc., collaborating with the visual merchandising professionals of Sam’s Club, developed the concept of the Designer Collections incorporating fabric in warm colors of pearl and bronze, and elegant ebony wood accents.  The display system was to provide an elegant and upscale background worthy of the high quality jewelry offered to Sam’s Club customers.

When it came to project management, the constrictions of time dictated fulfillment process with zero mistakes.  It took tremendous efforts from all departments of Pacific Northern to guarantee a smooth progression from one stage of the project to another, coordinating schedules, anticipating problems, and verifying data every step of the way.  The result was a successful distribution of product to all 583 stores, performed flawlessly and partially ahead of the schedule.

“The undertaking and the completion of this nationwide roll-out program were executed with a high degree of precision, and I’m extremely pleased with our teams both in U.S. and China.” said Mike Wharton, Vice President of Sales. “This exercise proved, once again, our ability to develop, manage, and execute large scale, nationwide programs for our clients with the utmost efficiency.”


Pacific Northern develops Spencer T-shirt Display UnitMay 2004

Pacific Northern continues to expand its offers in visual merchandising to include in-store display units.  Following the course of diversification, the company increased its design, engineering and production departments to incorporate highly qualified personnel with expertise in metal and electric fixtures.  The first full-scale roll-out project of in-store floor fixture displays was accomplished by Pacific Northern this spring for Spencer Gifts, a teen novelty and gift items retailer.
Pacific Northern developed and produced a 5-foot tall, 4-sided mobile floor fixture to replace the outdated wall display system.  Each of these floor fixtures is designed to display 20 styles of t-shirts and can accommodate 200 plus individual t-shirts. The new presentation was tested last Christmas in five pilot stores and showed dramatic sales increases.  Easy accessibility of the merchandise to the customer and traditional Spencer “framed” product presentation produced unexpectedly high results.  Subsequently, Spencer Gifts rolled out the new system to all its 800+ stores, supplying each small store location with one unit, and each large store with two.

A distribution of this scale is a major concern for any retailer.  Shipping costs and installation requirements play important part in the success of a program.  Spencer’s display unit was designed by Pacific Northern as a knock down fixture, convenient in shipping and easy for in-store assembly.  Each unit was accompanied by simple instructions to allow for the displays to be put together in a short period of time by store personnel.


Pacific Northern offers its clientele a variety of in-store fixtures to answer a wide range of visual merchandising needs.  They include lighted counter top units, incase displays with video/DVD capabilities, and floor units with motion, among others.  All displays come UL approved and are offered in metal and a variety of other materials.  As with other products, Pacific Northern’s approach to in-store fixtures is highly customized and catered to fit the exact needs of its clients.


Pacific Northern redesigns display system for Macy’s July 2004

Pacific Northern’s cooperation with Macy’s Department Stores came as a result of the acquisition of Fieldstone, Ltd. by Pacific Northern in the latter part of last year.  In the course of the assessment of the current Macy’s jewelry display system, Pacific Northern design professionals recommended several avenues for improvement.  The existing system of the well-known retailer evolved over time and incorporated elements from many generations, which were not cohesive aesthetically or functionally.  Pacific Northern approached this system improvement initiative with the mindset of modification, as opposed to total redevelopment.  Certain existing elements were chosen to remain, while other new elements were incorporated. As a result, the showcase presentation is now consistent in shape, form and proportions, producing the harmonic effect of height and symmetry.

The new Macy’s display system has more advantages than just high aesthetical value.  Pacific Northern created predetermined case pack ordering for the retailer, replacing the time consuming process of ordering showcases by individual items. Ordering by case pack, rather than individual elements, allows Pacific Northern to pack each carton with the correct elements needed to set up each showcase, thereby, allowing an expeditious store installation.    This convenient process provides time and cost savings, and eliminates installation mistakes.

The newly developed system is being introduced to all new and remodeled Macy’s locations.  “We are pleased with the results of this modified system.” – said Mike Wharton, Vice President of Sales.  “There was no reason for the customer to rebuild the entire existing display program.  Modification was a very reasonable and cost effective approach.”