Pacific Northern Opens the Window to the New Age Display Technology

Pacific Northern, Inc., the industry leader in custom jewelry display production and design, finishes the year with a bang when the newly developed, technology based window presentation rolls out into 200 stores of one of the most prominent National Jewelry Retailers right before the Christmas season. Based on the brand new ink-in-motion picture technology, Pacific Northern developed a trend-setting collage of ever changing graphics to catch the eye of even the most demanding consumer.

The successful collaboration of two firms sparked from a brilliant idea of the new application of the E Ink technology. This new ink-in-motion concept has never been considered before in the retail jewelry environment. Pacific Northern took the diamond in the rough and faceted it through the painstaking process of design, production, and logistics into a sparkling masterpiece.

From the initial concept development to the final product distribution, the entire process was accomplished smoothly and on-time. While working on the project, the professionals at Pacific Northern studied the new technology, designed and developed the display composition of graphic and text messages and calculated every single detail of the final product production and application. Every aspect of the display functionality was considered in the pre-rollout planning. The ease of assembly and step-by-step instructions made in-store installation hassle-free. The interchangeability and update options provided the flexibility for future modifications.

The product in its final shape presents itself as a very clean, contemporary exposition of framed plates of changing graphics and text messages. The capability of the ink-in-motion display ranges from simple flashing pictures to complex fade-in and out sequences of graphics, depending on the choice of the customer. The display works on standard batteries and is expected to function for 18 months of non-stop operation before battery replacement. It also requires minimal to no assembly with the guidelines easier than that of a simple electronic toy. Additional advantages of ink-in-motion collages come from the opportunity to quickly update the existing presentation by replacing or reprogramming only a few of the functioning frames.

“Pacific Northern is proud to add this cutting edge technology to its list of achievements,” – said Linda Douglas, the Executive Vice President who led the design and production team and collaborated with the client on this project. “Now we can not only say that our company provides the best quality in the custom display industry and the best service, but we are also leading the way in introducing technological display products to the jewelry trade. The ink-in-motion display units provided the true challenge and the greatest reward – they allowed us to create for our client a modern trend-setting image that set them apart from everyone else.”