Pacific Northern develops Spencer T-shirt Display Unit – May 2004

Pacific Northern continues to expand its offers in visual merchandising to include in-store display units. Following the course of diversification, the company increased its design, engineering and production departments to incorporate highly qualified personnel with expertise in metal and electric fixtures. The first full-scale roll-out project of in-store floor fixture displays was accomplished by Pacific Northern this spring for Spencer Gifts, a teen novelty and gift items retailer.

Pacific Northern developed and produced a 5-foot tall, 4-sided mobile floor fixture to replace the outdated wall display system. Each of these floor fixtures is designed to display 20 styles of t-shirts and can accommodate 200 plus individual t-shirts. The new presentation was tested last Christmas in five pilot stores and showed dramatic sales increases. Easy accessibility of the merchandise to the customer and traditional Spencer “framed” product presentation produced unexpectedly high results. Subsequently, Spencer Gifts rolled out the new system to all its 800+ stores, supplying each small store location with one unit, and each large store with two.

A distribution of this scale is a major concern for any retailer. Shipping costs and installation requirements play important part in the success of a program. Spencer’s display unit was designed by Pacific Northern as a knock down fixture, convenient in shipping and easy for in-store assembly. Each unit was accompanied by simple instructions to allow for the displays to be put together in a short period of time by store personnel.

Pacific Northern offers its clientele a variety of in-store fixtures to answer a wide range of visual merchandising needs. They include lighted counter top units, incase displays with video/DVD capabilities, and floor units with motion, among others. All displays come UL approved and are offered in metal and a variety of other materials. As with other products, Pacific Northern’s approach to in-store fixtures is highly customized and catered to fit the exact needs of its clients.