Pacific Northern, Inc. develops a comprehensive visual presentation program for Oro Diamante – June 2004

Oro Diamante engaged Pacific Northern, Inc. to create a comprehensive visual presentation program for its branded karat gold watches. This visual program includes both the displays and the packaging boxes.

“We focused on creating the displays and packaging boxes that complimented each other,” said John Meadows, Assistant Vice President of Design for Pacific Northern, Inc. “We selected colors, shapes, and materials, such as rich woods in high gloss finish and plex accents, to accentuate the high value of these gold watches. The Oro Diamante logo was silk-screened both on the displays and the individual boxes, carrying on the brand name.” added Meadows.

Through creative design and rich materials, Pacific Northern conveyed the image of quality and respectability, raising the brand image of the new product in the eyes of the consumer.

“We are pleased to have been chosen by Oro Diamante to create this visual program for their very important new product launch,” stated Mike Wharton, Vice President of Sales for Pacific Northern, Inc. “It further validates our client’s trust in our abilities to execute high profile initiatives on their behalf.”