Exciting Challenge for Pacific Northern.

Pacific Northern, Inc., the industry leader in custom jewelry display production and design, has recently been awarded a high volume, turnkey display project for the 850 locations of one of the major jewelry kiosk retailers. The client’s management team addressed Pacific Northern with a task of complete display system modernization. The scope of this project includes the systematization of distribution, the design and manufacturing of new retail displays, and the development of the consistent brand image nationwide. The necessity to achieve such a tremendous goal within a short period of time brought the client to Pacific Northern, known for its experience, attention to detail, and customized approach.

Among the objectives of this program was color unification of all stores. The large majority of the stores are scheduled to change their look by switching their current display color palate from red or green to beige. Another aspect of the brand unification that Pacific Northern developed, in cooperation with their client, was modification of store signs and final acceptance of the two standard sizes instead of the existing fifteen.

In addition to the cost-savings achieved by streamlining the operations and distribution on the global scale, Pacific Northern examined and reworked all aspects of the display system at the store level. This attention to every aspect of display function at the store level would provide Piercing Pagoda additional savings in labor costs and merchandise damage reduction.

“Pacific Northern has established a productive and rewarding working relationship with the customer,” – said Vice-President Mike Wharton. “We see this project as a true testament to the quality of services we provide to our clients. The number of custom orders (850 – one for each location) and the short distribution period of three weeks, make this particular project a logistical challenge. But, just like in the past, we are confident that we can meet this challenge and satisfy our customer’s needs.”