C.B.I. awards the Wal-Mart Keepsake Brand packaging program to Pacific Northern

Pacific Northern, Inc., the industry leader in the design and production of custom promotional and gift with purchase packaging, was awarded the packaging program for Keepsake Fine Jewelry distributed through Wal-Mart. The project was awarded based on competitive pricing, high quality standards, reliability, and company reputation within the industry. Keepsake Fine Jewelry is owned and managed by Commemorative Brands, Inc., and is the nation’s leading brand in diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry. Keepsake Fine Jewelry has long been distributed in independent jewelry stores, and in early 2002 launched the brand in Wal-Mart. The specialized jewelry packaging reflects the Keepsake tradition and was designed and developed for the entire Wal-Mart Keepsake collection.

“We have taken up a very challenging project from the standpoint of production timing and delivery scheduling,” – said Michael Oberman, the Sr. Vice President of the Promotional and Retail Products Division. “But we are proud to say that we’ve met the required tight timeline for the first segment of the original order and exceeded it by a week with the second shipment. In the future, we will not only fulfill the client’s order requirements, but we will also maintain a substantial inventory for the jewelry vendors involved with C.B.I. to draw on as needs dictate. This will eliminate any possibility of inventory shortages or late shipments.”

Pacific Northern considers collaboration with Commemorative Brands, Inc. on this project a great accomplishment. The 400,000-500,000 piece production of Keepsake brand packaging products to be delivered annually to the client proves, once again, the reputation of Pacific Northern for quality and reliability.

Project successes, such as this, for both the Retail Display & Visual Merchandising Division and the Promotional and Retail Products Division of Pacific Northern, Inc., continually bring the company to the forefront of the industry.