PN manufactured a comprehensive retail environment featuring a variety of fixtures to display apparel and signage. Many of the pieces could be customized with different heights and shelves and utilized casters to provide easy mobility. While the attention-grabbing fixtures were designed by the client, PN played a crucial role in ensuring maximum functionality and ease of use.

Moveable Gondola

  • Holds 2’ and 4’ shelves
  • Casters allow mobility in retail environment
  • Finished in frosted acrylic, powder-coated steel, and UV-coated MDF

Apparel Rounder

  • Designed for hanging children’s clothing
  • Features height-adjustment capabilities
  • Casters provide mobility in retail environment
  • Uses brushed stainless steel and powder-coated steel for strong support

Accessory Fixture

  • Designed for maximum versatility
  • Capable of displaying large graphic panels, a special collections rack, or shelving
  • Uses powder-coated steel and UV-coated MDF

Cash Wrap

  • Uses UV-coated MDF with white solid surface Corian finish to provide scratch-resistance and longevity
  • Maximizes storage functionality by providing heavy-duty glides for shelves
  • Features built-in storage for wires, cords, and electronic components

Armoire Kit

  • Designed to be focal point at back of retail environment
  • Utilizes standards and brackets to hold shelving, hang bars, and display graphic panels of various sizes
  • Uses UV-coated MDF

Apparel Circle Table

  • Designed to show 360 display of children’s clothing
  • Finished in white UV coating