Pacific Northern Received

Outstanding Booth Design at GlobalShop 2016

Carrollton, TX, March, 31, 2016, – PN (Pacific Northern, Inc.), the industry leader in visual merchandising production and design, received an Outstanding Booth Design award at the prestigious GlobalShop Trade Show. The Company’s creative approach was based on the concept of visually conveying the company’s business platform and marketing message without applying verbal communication means. The booth design was conceptualized around 5 Pantones of blue that exist in the company’s iconography. Predominant Bright White color alluded to the idea of a beacon of light, or the leadership position the company holds in the industry. Avant-garde shapes inspired by optical illusions of depth and distance further push the idea of leadership and on-ward thinking. In addition to the overall outstanding design, the booth showcased each category of the company’s business expertise: Jewelry, Optical, Watch and Apparel custom displays and fixtures as well as finishes and expertise the company has in its capabilities.

“We are tremendously excited to receive the Outstanding Booth Design Award at GlobalShop this year,” said Johnathan Sanders, VP Creative and Business Development. “Our goal is to push the boundaries that exist in the visual merchandising world. We want to take it further and be the new Avant-garde of the 21st century retail. I am extremely excited about the future of the company and our Creative Vision, and, of course, pleased that our efforts were recognized.”

Mike Wharton
Pacific Northern, Inc.