Jon McEwen

Senior VP, Sales and Creative

Growing up in a family of inventors and builders, it was only natural for Jon McEwen to have a passion for design and manufacturing. Jon started out in the retail world with new store development and fixture design/procurement which led to an interest in production and manufacturing of furniture, fixtures, and displays. The knowledge that Jon gained in the field has helped him cultivate and change the way he approaches the design and production of elements, displays, and retail fixtures.

Jon finds that a sense of adventure and the ability to listen has helped tremendously with his success in the industry. Learning to listen to the true issues his clients are facing and working together for a solution builds trust and enables Jon to be an extension of his clients’ team. He is very excited about PN’s new manufacturing facility and the capabilities this resource will further success and business growth. He is also excited about building long lasting friendships with co-workers and clients around the world, and seeing the impact of the work our team contributes to.

In his free time, Jon loves to pack up and go on adventures. He shares his travel adventures as well as advice on how to find local things to see and do on several travel blogs. Jon is also an aircraft buff. His family has a long history up in the air and he took his first flying lesson when he was only 15 years old.