Amy Geng

Manager, Logistics and Internal Auditing

Amy Geng spent over 8 years in the import and export business in China the moved to a mold manufacturing company before beginning her career with Pacific Northern. She started with PN in the project management department and after four years, she now manages the Logistics and Internal Auditing department.  Excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and grow in the company, Amy is ready to take on the new challenges this position brings.

Amy gained valuable experience in the import and export business as well as mold manufacturing that has taught her the importance of being detail oriented and to focus on customer service. Her sense of duty to the company to be honest, respectful, and hard working helps her to continue to put forth her best effort with each task.

Amy’s biggest inspiration is her son. They encourage each other when faced with challenges and remember to do the best they can. Amy also loves to travel and spend time outdoors backpacking, camping, and off-roading.