Suavek’s interest in design was sparked by his love for sculptures. Naturally creative from an early age, he was always drawing and sketching. His keen eye for detail led to his involvement in creative design as well as an understanding of ways to improve existing product design. Suavek gained experience from remodeling and construction which led him to investigating sound design that can actually be built. Since then he has honed his skills designing kiosks, retail stores, banks, airports, and shopping centers.

At PN, Suavek finds many creative outlets allowing him to work on a variety of projects and designs from jewelry displays to packaging. Suavek creates 3D sculptures then uses the designs to produce the client’s projects. He is inspired by envisioning the big picture first then working to ensure the vision comes to fruition. Suavek also enjoys the variety of projects and the opportunity to help some of the biggest names in the industry.