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Company Philosophy
Our company philosophy is to provide the greatest value to our customers through innovative products, creative solutions, and uncompromising client care. We are committed to continually improving our capabilities and expanding our client services.

About Us
Pacific Northern, Inc. is a recognized performer in design and manufacture of highly customized visual components and displays for all retail environments with international presence in North America, Europe and Asia. We have the ability to take any idea and modify it to suit your merchandising needs, stay consistent with your brand image, and keep your customers coming back for more. We can also provide you with new and innovative ways to make your brand stand out even more.

Financial Stability
Pacific Northern is proud to be a privately held, family owned business that has been fiscally responsible over the years, reinvesting back into the business. The impact of this reinvestment is a strong company built on solid ground, not carrying or relying on debt to sustain its business model.

Manufacturing Excellence
For over 20 years, we have refined our skills and capabilities to evolve into a broad based company with the ability to fulfill most display needs. Our manufacturing facility boasts over 325,000 square feet of production, fabrication, and assembly space. We employ over 1,300 skilled craftsman, technicians and engineers. As a result of our commitment to continual improvement our products' consistency and quality are unrivaled.