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Pacific Northern, Inc.

Pacific Northern, Inc. provides comprehensive visual merchandising and manufacturing services in the development of POP and fixture programs for retail and luxury environments, with the end goal of full implementation of brand identity. PN handles the majority of the process in-house, from conception to final delivery, to control costs and efficiency. Our customer service, product quality, and client satisfaction has allowed us to build and maintain strong relationships with the world’s leading brands.

Who We Are

Pacific Northern, Inc. specializes in the development of POP displays and Fixtures for all types of retail environments, servicing both the retail and branded communities.

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What We Do

We analyze the brand image to understand the mystique of its message, which allows us to create displays, fixtures, and environments that bring it to life in the visual merchandising world.

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How We Do It

Our team of professionals takes projects from creative inception through production, project management, warehousing, and fulfillment, ensuring that the entire process flows smoothly.

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Full-service consulting allows PN to create retail solutions in visual merchandising display based on space requirements and client needs, providing a comprehensive program that is cohesive across multiple licensees.

Our Creative Design team utilizes existing marketing strategy and brand identity to develop custom design concepts for retail environments, with experience in a variety of display types for retail as well as luxury items.

Our Mechanical Design team translates display concepts into manufacturing specifications such as CAD drawings, bills of materials, and assembly instructions.

PN uses international sourcing capabilities to find materials to meet a variety of needs, including value-focused, renewable, sustainable, luxury, etc, and stays on-trend in materials, lighting, and manufacturing techniques.

A professional customer service team is specifically assigned to oversee all stages of a project, from concept development through final product delivery, to ensure continuous communication and customer satisfaction.

PN is actively involved in product fulfillment in all stages (prototyping, production, quality control, delivery, warehousing, and distribution) and is committed to budget, deadlines, communication, and quality control.

Our PN-owned and operated manufacturing facilities in China are ISO-certified, and each focuses on production methods tailored to specific products, allowing strict control over cost, quality, and efficiency.

Our U.S.-based warehousing facilities provide fulfillment and storage of completed products and provide strict, accurate inventory control and management.

PN handles inventory control, management, and distribution, using strict and frequent counting procedures to ensure that inventory discrepancies are identified and resolved quickly.


"PN is driven by a passion to provide our clients outstanding products followed up with the type of service that keeps you coming back. Other companies produce displays and store fixtures. Our quality, follow through, and reliability set us apart from the competition."

− Greg Brevik, Account Executive